Mineral Testing & AnalysisA mining company's corporate wealth is tied to the estimation

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Metals Testing

A mining company's corporate wealth is tied to the estimation of mineral resources and highly reliable quality assays are of paramount importance in protecting assets and investments. We provide consistent, swift and reliable service for mining companies situated in India, Mineral Testing & Analysis

KCS have a very experienced chemist with a full-fledged analytical laboratory and modern equipments for the analysis of all types of Chemicals, Edible Oils & Dry Cargoes. We assure you of prompt and excellent services, which is our motto, responsibility and commitments. Labs


Established in India, in the year 1994, KCS is one of the leading Independent Inspection & Testing House company. It offers innovative solutions to buyers, suppliers and end users in field of Minerals, Metals, Food Grains, Fertilizers, Ores and Oil sampling. Its proactive approach ensures that the services offered always respond to the changing needs of the customers. KCS, headquartered in New Delhi (India), ably operates over a wide network of 50 offices and laboratories in 8 Countries. The Group, with a workforce of close to 4000 employees and agents, combines professionalism, reliability, infrastructure and International expertise.

KCS operates in Indonesia, Singapore, Japan, China, South Africa, Russia, Bangladesh and India, with ultra-modern laboratories to test & analyze the parameters of Coal, Minerals & Other Metals and Oil Products. Read More...